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There are a whole lots of books available to read about Scotland.

There are movies too, with all the main attractions of Scotland filmed in them.

You can get many documentaries on the wild life of Scotland.

You could taste some local produce from a Scotland local market to know Scotland.

But, are all these the best and the most rightful way to experience Scotland?






The best and the most rightful way to experience and discover a wonderful country is by visiting all aspects of it that interest you. Scotland is a truly majestic land with its histories full of the saga of brave soldiers and epic battles. The sand of Scotland today carry their majestic bravery around the subtle and beautiful sceneries of nature there. There are lots of historic castles on beautiful cliff tops rendering a powerful view to anyone there. In the backdrop of some of the best beautiful natural sceneries, the majestic castles look right out from a fantasy world.


The country is blessed with lots of rugged coasts, tiny islands, high mountains, gushing canals, dreamy rivers and calm plains - you are spoilt for choice. The diversity of various landscapes has attracted various tiny birds and animals. The very rare and exotic species of birds and animals roam about freely here, untamed in this wild land.


There is lots of music to entertain you in Scotland. The pipers clad in highland dress can introduce you to the wild tunes of the untamed mountains. The bag pipes music is something you can never miss. In all grandeur, these bag pipers clad in high land tartans will make you dance to their proud heritage of Gaelic songs. You can stumble across these tunes of Scotland everywhere - in a traditional wedding near you, in the sword dance of the summer games, as a relaxing background in the pubs or on the stages mixed with western music.


All these are nothing. The capital, Edinburg is the world's first UNESCO'S city of literature. There are ordinary pubs located in shabby streets, but inside, you can find tables where great writers created their works. You can visit places where the Treasure Island was born; you can have a joyous drink at the Oxford Bar, the all time favorite of the Detective Inspector Rebus; you could also surely relax with a small snack and coffee at The Elephant House where the Harry Potter novel has its birth place.


When you are in Scotland, you are in the majestic land of brave men and friendly people. There are lots of things unique to Scotland and you can enjoy collecting them as memoirs for your trip. The traditional music of the bag pipes, the classic tartans and kilts, the contemporary architecture, the unspoilt nature and wild life and the oldest national flag of Europe are among the symbols unique to Scotland. Book your eco friendly vacation with us now to visit this truly amazing land.


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Got Picked up from Edinburg a few days ago. I love the guides from Has Scotland... They are so caring and wise! The trip was fantastic and joyful just as they said. Loved every moment with Has Scotland.. Thank You for making this tour so special!!

TestimonialsDennis D. Vines

This was a very great trip to Scotland with Has Scotland... I am an amateur photographer and I loved the anazing sites. My photos were defenitely too good for my skills. I am very pleased. This trip was only possible beacuse of the customized features of Has Scotland...for photographers!!

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